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Koskinen, Michael Francis

      The temperature coefficient of the work function of a cesiated tungsten surface

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1966.


Landon, Stephen Andrew

      Calculation of three-body ionic recombination rate

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1967.


Logan, Roderick Matheson

      Classical theory for the interaction of gas atoms with solid surfaces

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1968.


Fleischhacker, James Earl

      An investigation of a proposed quasi-equilibrium chemical model for isentropic expansion of combustion products

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1968.


Lavoie, George Arthur

      Nitric oxide measurement in an internal combustion engine by visible and near infrared emission spectroscopy

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1970.


Pagni, Patrick J.

      Desoroption kinetics for gas atoms at solid surfaces

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1970.


Pearson, Robert Cecil

      Carbon monoxide removal from room air

      B.S. Thesis, MIT, 1970.


Shui, Ven Hao

      The three-body recombination and dissociation of diatomic molecules: a comparison between theory and experiment

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1970.


Tabaczynski, Rodney J.

      Time-resolved hydrocarbon emission measurements in the exhaust of a spark-ignition engine

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1971.


Delichatsios, Mary Deliyannis

      The kinetics of carbon monoxide emissions from an internal combustion engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1972.


Shui, Ven Hao

      Monte Carlo trajectory calculations of the recombination and dissociation of three-body systems

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1972.


Oforah, Okechukwu Godson

      Effect of valve lift on dynamic pressure and flame propagation in a spark ignition engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1973.


Blizard, Norman Christopher

      Experimental verification of a burning model for an internal combustion engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1973.


Danieli, Guido Alberto

      Measurements of nitric oxide concentrations in a Wankel engine compared with a chemical kinetic model

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1973.


Ratafia, Manny

      An approximate technique for determining the characteristics of thermionic converters operating in the ignited mode

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1973.


Delichatsios, Mary Deliyannis

      A model of fuel spray formation mixing and evaporation in the Ford PROCO stratified charge engine : a photographic and analytic study

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1976.


Danieli, Guido Alberto

      A performance model of a Wankel engine, including the effects of burning rates, heat transfer, leakage and quenching compared with measured pressure time histories

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1976.


Metghalchi, Hameed (Mohamad)

      Laminar burning velocity of isooctane-air, methane-air, and methanol-air mixtures at high temperature and pressure

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1977.


Brateman, Jeffrey Hunt

      A photographic and parametric study of combustion in the Ford PROCO engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1977.


Wróbel, Andrzej Krzysztof

      Experimental study of quench layer hydrocarbons during the expansion stroke of a spark ignition engine, using a fast sampling valve

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1978.


Ferguson, Colin Renwick

      Standoff distances on a flat flame burner

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1978.


Foster, David Edward

      The control of NO [subscript x] from the combustion of fuels with a high nitrogen content

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1979.


Beretta, Gian Paolo

      Thermodynamic analysis of turbulent combustion in a spark ignition engine : experimental evidence and analytical methods

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1980.


Weiss, Paul

      A parametric study of quench layer properties by rapid sampling in a spark ignition engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1980.


Metghalchi, Hameed (Mohamad)

      Laminar burning velocity of mixtures of air with indolene, isooctane, methanol and propane

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1980.


Pentland, Brian Thomas

      Solar distillation of ethanol : a preliminary analysis of a simple solar still

      B.S. Thesis, MIT, 1981.


Rhodes, David Bruce

      Laminar burning speed measurements of indolene-air-diluent mixtures at high pressures and temperatures

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1981.


Sellnau, Mark Charles

      Laminar head-on flame quenching in a spherical combustion bomb

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1981.


Sweet, Charles Mark

      Pressure-volume relationships for simple gases in a single cylinder, motored engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1982.


Hu, Haoran

      The autoignition of hydrocarbon-oxygen-diluent mixtures in a constant volume bomb

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1987.


Park, Pyongwan

      Rapid compression machine measurements of ignition delays for primary reference fuels

      Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, 1990.


Cowart, Jim Scot

      Predicting knock onset in a spark ignition engine

      M.S. Thesis, MIT, 1990.




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